Semental Lirio Centro equino Jama en Talavera de la Reina Toledo

Lirio de LYW

PSL (Pure bred Lusitano) Stallion

Height: 1.67m (16.2hh)
Coat: Grey
Year of birth: 2015

Aptitude: Dressage and general riding. 3 excellent paces.  A horse to be highly placed in the ring. This horse has obtained 1st place in the final of Dressage of the Castilla La Mancha Championship, in the 5-year-old category, with a score of 75,200%
Conformation: Lusitano horse with  modern lineage, but without any loss of breed traits.
Temperament: Good and easy to train for dressage..
Recommendations: A sports horse through and through.

In his pedigree we have Guizo, who we know was a high quality Lusitano Olympic participant and  went on to represent Spain .

Pintor also raced at high-level Grand Prix events in Spain

Lirio de LYW is highly recommended for crossing with all breeds to enhance temperament and of course with Purebred Lusitano mares

A different and proven classical dressage bloodline to refresh the high level of consanguinity in the Xaquiro line, so much used in Purebred Lusitanos.



Spain and EU

Fee: 800 euros (including 1st extraction).
Successive extractions: 100 euros.
Shipping costs payable.